Highly Recommended – The Music of John Denmon

I make no secret of it – I think the Christian music industry is in a pitiful state. Eight years ago, bands like AllTogetherSeparate and Jennifer Knapp were “wowing” us with original musical ideas and strong lyrical content. Today, the industry is dominated by pop bands and very mediocre worship groups. (At one time, worship leaders were as musically innovative as any one else in the entire music industry.)

In such a setting, John Denmon is a rare exception. His acoustic guitar driven music is engaging and his lyrics discuss Christianity in a touching way that is not corny. His songs are a mixture of style in between that of Bebo Norman and David Crowder – exciting and intimate at the same time.

You can hear some of his music here for free, and if you like it I recommend you click on the “become a fan” link – it’s the least we can do for those rare individuals in the Christian industry who are doing good things. His songs stay on a steady rotation in my music player and I think many of you will enjoy them as well.

(John Denmon has a website and a YouTube page.)

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