Note to C. S. Lewis fans

I’m sure many readers of Thinking Through Christianity are also readers of C. S. Lewis. So, before I begin, let me state one thing clearly: I love C. S. Lewis.

Lewis’ home: the Kilns

I write this post to inform C. S. Lewis readers who haven’t heard that, in addition to Lewis’ Mere Christianity, there are two other books (also by Anglicans) which they would do well to read: John Stott’s Basic Christianity and N. T. Wright’s Simply Christian.

Athough I haven’t read Mere Christianity in a while, I can’t think of a single disagreement with its contents. But the book does have one crucial weakness, and that is Lewis’ limited understanding of the Old Testament. To its credit, Mere Christianity is enriched by Lewis’ familiarity with ancient and medieval philosophy; but philosophy is no substitute for the Old Testament. Stott and Wright have a deeper understanding of the Old Testament and do as good a job communicating Old Testament themes to a modern audience as Lewis does communicating ancient and medieval themes to a modern audience.

Mere Christianity is a wonderful book. Those who have already read it should also read Basic Christianity and Simply Christian, also wonderful books.

Those who haven’t read Mere Christianity should read all three. Stott’s and Wright’s books should accompany Lewis’ book, not replace it.

In a later post I hope to explore some other weaknesses of Lewis. Not because I don’t love him, but because I do, and because I love what he loved, Christianity.

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