Holy Week Links

Every year at this time I ponder how little we emphasis Easter compared to most of our other holidays when Easter is in fact the only reason Christianity exists.  The Easter season should bring depths of reflection and joy to every Christian.  Hopefully these links will help inspire you towards those goals, and if you aren’t a Christian give you an understanding of what this all means to Christians.

Background: A Primer on the Christian Calendar
This article from Biblegateway.com explains all the different days and times associated with Easter.  I grew up not celebrating many of these days, just Palm Sunday and Easter. Click this link to find out all the details.

Devotionals: Holy Week Devotionals
Check out these Holy Week devotionals from Willow Creek from 2013.  It will give you something to read through this upcoming week. Click this link to get started.

Talk: The Meaning of Easter
In this short talk N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham, reflects on Easter.  I find it inspirational.

Song: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
This is one of my favorite songs and always reminds me of Easter and the resurrection.

Stuart Townend talks about writing this song in the video below:

You can listen to the song here:

Skit: Good Friday Video
A video from the Skit Guys that really ‘brings to life’ the hours before Christ’s death.  Check their site for more Holy Week related videos also.

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Photo by ANDR3W A