Christmas Presents Are Awesome!

Christmas presents tend to get a bad rap in Christian culture. (Get it? Bad (w)rap? Ba-dum ching!) And while materialism is a problem we have in this society, presents are not the problem. We are. Motives matter.

Christmas presents are one of my favorite things about Christmas. I’m like a kid at Christmas. And that, I believe, is part of the point. That’s the magic. It’s very Kingdom of God.

And don’t you love giving presents? I do. I enjoy finding thoughtful gifts for people I love. Something that meets a need or something that is so very… that person. Know what I mean? And that’s what it’s about: love — knowing and being known.

This is the real way presents point to Jesus. Not just because Jesus is the ultimate gift, but because He is the Giver. Our ability to know another comes from our being made in the likeness of the One Who Knows.

So, Christmas is over and New Year’s is coming. What might happen if we resolved to stop wagging our finger at “culture” like a school marm and strove instead to shine like Christmas lights year round?



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    • Renea McKenzie