BLERG: The Unscholarly, GIF-Heavy One

Here’s something a little lighthearted for your Monday: the life of a single, female pastor as told by 20 Liz Lemon gifs.

It’s Lent. Things feel a little heavy, so why not? (We promise we will be back to our regularly scheduled scholarly pursuits soon.)

Sticking the landing on a particularly tricky sermon about David and Bathsheba (and subtly hinting that it might have been sexual assault but never using the words “sexual” or “assault” because your dog is depending on your paycheck for food.)

Every. Sunday. Night.

Your first pastoral care visit.

Trying to make your weekend sound exciting to your fellow Millennials. Do they have to know that the “wine bar” was really a family friendly Italian joint? Nope. Do they have to know that you were there for evangelism purposes? Also nope.

Pastor You prepping for a date.

Pastor You on the actual date.

Pastor You after the date.

Teaching the confirmands.

How you temporarily see the world after a week of Vacation Bible School.

When the person you are visiting in the hospital is highly contagious and no one warned you.

Trying to get out of serving on a denominational committee.

Seeing terribly exegeted scripture on bumper stickers.

Ending a hard meeting 1. alive, 2. no one cried, and 3. no one left the church.

Trying to make friends with normal people.

When you get weird funeral requests.

Finding a good ally amongst the menfolk.

The carpet/wall color/light fixture debates in the trustees meeting.

Being there for your sisters.

Spreading the feminist love far and wide, and it largely being unappreciated.

Loving yourself, because God made you in the image of the Divine, and you are fabulous.

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