Did Jesus Ride on a Dinosaur? Oh, my…

Does the Bible say that Jesus rode on a dinosaur?

That question might sound completely ridiculous to some of you, but others among you have heard of this and thought, Wow, those Christians sure are stupid.

And, why shouldn’t you think that?

A saddled Triceratops is on display at the Creationist Museum. Why? What does this have to do with Christianity? Wait, it gets better.

Jesus probably rode on a dinosaur? Since when? If Aristotle and other Greeks spent so much time cataloging animals, why didn’t they make up a category for the dinosaurs and describe any? If they were around in Jesus’ day, why don’t we have paintings and descriptions? We have them for every other animal.

OK, now to get my hands really dirty.

Is it possible that man once lived with dinosaurs at some point? I think it’s remotely possible in isolated incidents – but that’s not saying much . There’s a lot we don’t know, like why African tribes tell stories of a Brontosaurus, or how a T-Rex managed to have soft tissue in it’s bones after 10 million years. Not all of the questions about the universe have been answered.

Is it relevant to my faith? Not really. I don’t think being a Christian has much to do with this stuff. Christianity is about my connection to God, not dinosaurs.

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