Let’s Talk About the Emergent Church

I haven’t had any good experiences with the emergent church. As this article states:

The emerging church movement solidified in only its most theologically liberal segments. The Emergent church movement which comprised part of the emerging church movement embraced theologically liberal ideas about ecumenism, the role of the Bible, and the theology of the Trinity. The views of the Emergent church were often not something that represented the whole of the emerging church movement…

As usual, the most annoying part of a group ends up being it’s most vocal and most notable. Still, the only emergent church people I’ve ever known were young “know-it-all” types who wanted to change “the system” and fight “the man” with a new type of church experience. It never seemed authentic and was not paired with Christian love.

Seminary Professor and author, Mike Wittmer has spent time confronting serious theological issues within the emergent church movement, such as this blog post in which he details a leader of this movement unashamedly disagreeing with the Apostle Paul in his interpretation of sin.

The most common refrain heard from the emergents (other than the word “post-modern”) is that how you live is more important that what you believe. This stance has led many to claim that it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you help the poor and needy. Even though giving aid to those in need is paramount to following Christ this statement is problematic on many levels.

Still, other conservative and intelligent voices insist that I am wrong. There are (I’m told) numerous examples of the emergent church that do not involve bad theology and an “us vs. them” mentality against big churches. According to this article (that my friend Dan pointed out) the emergent church is a Christian movement with a few “fringe” members who voice minority opinions that the rest of us find troubling. (I’d like to believe this, but ChristianityToday.com has lost my trust with their “Democratic party propoganda thinly disguised as a theological issue” articles.)

Basically, I’m just not convinced. I think the emergent church is going to go the same way as the Seeker Sensitive movement, that is, it will be swept under the rug. What do you think? Am I being too hard on them?

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