How Should Christians Help the Homeless?

I heard a “cool” preacher discuss Micah 6:8 (And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God) who said that the application of the verse was that we should invite homeless people into our homes when we meet them. (Mind you, the homeless didn’t come up in the rest of his sermon so I was baffled as his meaningless storytelling and outpouring of bad jokes ended abruptly with this instruction.)

It’s tough to know what to do when we see a homeless person – but this advice does not help. You cannot afford to house and feed each homeless person you meet and you certainly cannot afford the risk of bringing them into your home. I wouldn’t have room to house even a small fraction of the homeless I come into contact with; so, what kind of a solution is this? Am I a person of no faith or no love because I do not even try? Not at all.

The answer is simply to provide help to homeless shelters. Some people give cash to beggars but they could help more of the homeless by giving that same amount of money to a charity. $10 in the hands of a single person won’t go far but $10 at Sam’s Club will actually do some good for more than one person.

I have donated time and money to the local charity Mission Arlington where
the homeless are given medical treatment, food, and help finding a job and a new life.

Ever wonder if the homeless person is just going to spend the money on drugs or if he is really even homeless at all? Such cynicism keeps many from helping those in need but by giving to a local charity that has a well established reputation you can avoid this pitfall and let the professionals take care of it.

It may seem over simplified but it’s the best way. Don’t let the “cool” preacher give you a guilt trip about this subject, instead, help your neighborhood to build a house that can really help these people and get them off of the street.

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