3 Things Every Pastor Should Learn (That I Learned From My Pastor.)


There are pastors who could learn a lot from visiting my church. Here are a few things my current pastor does that more pastors could emulate.

1 – Keep Politics Away from the Pulpit

My pastor probably has political views. Everyone does. But I don’t know what they are – at all. I couldn’t even make an educated guess because he leaves it out. Our small church includes Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians and the reason we don’t mind is because our pastor has established an environment that is not political. Every one should learn from this example. (Someone show this to John Piper and Donald Miller, please.)

2 – Roll Up Your Sleeves

No one works harder than our pastor. On a workday he is there first and leaves last – usually doing the hardest work, himself, with a smile. Try to keep up with him if you want but you won’t be able to because he’ll leave you behind. Some pastors are known for sitting in their office behind a wall of books. It’s important for a pastor to study but the pastor is also a shepherd to their people who needs to be among the flock.

3 – Delegate

My church does as much work as a church two or three times bigger. The pastor is industrious but he couldn’t possibly get that much work done on his own. Instead, he oversees many groups that do many jobs. The result is a little church that does a lot of work because our pastor delegates many responsibilities to volunteers within the church. Everyone is involved and more work gets done.

That’s what I’ve learned at my church over the last few months. What are some other lessons minsters have taught you?

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