Once Again – Churches Blamed for Mass Murder

Earlier this week, a gunman entered a gym, turned out the lights, and shot and killed 3 women before turning the gun on himself.

It’s a horrible thing.

As usual, someone in the media is blaming Christianity; they are using this event to further their own agenda.

The man kept an online journal where he pretty much described exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to do it – if anyone had been reading it might have saved lives. In a very unfortunate way, it serves his point that no one read it. He was angry that women never paid attention to him and after being single since the mid-eighties he decided to end his life in this miserable way.

According to this article from The Examiner (published in my city), Christianity is to blame. This murderer was told by his church that he could go to heaven even if he were a killer. According to that article, this made it easier for him to do what he did. In a secular non-religious society, says the author, these murders would not have been as likely to happen.

There you have it: Christians are to blame for the murders. Make no mistake about it, the journalist literally blames the church. Are churches creating violence?

A local church I work with just spent a week doing jobs in their community for people who could not afford them. The volunteered to paint old houses and replace old doors just to help out. My own church is currently collecting supplies to help Bhutanese refugees who have no place to go. I have spent time downtown working with homeless shelters and most of them are religious in nature.

This is the site of Mission Arlington – a faith-based charity that helps homeless people find jobs and places to live, as well as health care. Churches appropriate large portions of their budget to these types of places. Instead of gratitude, members of the media blame Christians for violence that they were not connected with.

Christianity is not teaching violence and it is not responsible for the actions of madmen. As a matter of fact, you will be hard pressed to find a local community organization that does as much charity work as your local church. Even a cursory glance at the Bible will teach an individual that murderous actions like this are wrong and no one (who isn’t crazy or looking for excuses) could receive any contrary instruction from it. By teaching love and patience the church attempts to stop such acts – they are not responsible for them.

In any event: three innocent ladies are in body bags. Is this really the time to further you own social agenda?

(More articles at www.ThinkingThroughChristianity.com)
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