Taking Christians to the Mat – Literally!

Call me naive, but I didn’t know that Christians had gone from condemning professional wrestling to having their own pro wrestling circuit!

I’m from Paris, TX, where pro wrestling is as common a topic as politics among people of many ages. It provides a rich storyline that people can follow – like a soap opera with scantly clad ladies, tough talkers, and endless battles. Hmm, OK, it’s a lot like a soap opera. (I heard about a girl who watched wrestling for a full week mistaking it for “Days of Our Lives.”)

According to ImpactWrestling.com:

Though such well-known pro wrestlers as Sting and Shawn Michaels are outspoken Christians, the combination of wrestling and faith remains a rarity.

After all, when was the last time anyone saw an altar call at a World Wresting Entertainment “Smackdown” event?

“Our ultimate goal is to bring people to Christ,” said Grace, who said he recommitted himself to God about eight months ago. “The Gospel will be presented by pastors, special guest speakers and through the matches themselves.”

Well, that’s probably the oddest thing I’ve put on my website this year.

“Exegete this!”

There are, apparently, some believers who are professional wrestlers and have no idea how to blend their faith with their job. When I tell people I am an A/V programmer they don’t think it has much to do with my faith. If I were a pro-wrestler they would associate me with the scandalous things they see on those wrestling programs – and they would wonder about me.

The Bible Thumper attacks his lifelong nemesis – the Emergent Church Pastor!

The Bible Thumper stands over his defeated foe – knowing that he has uttered he phrase “postmodern” for the last time.

The Christian Wrestling Federation, based in Rockwall, TX, hosts wrestling camps that are Christ centered and uses their wrestling events to tell the audience about Christianity. It probably seems unorthodox (many of my readers will think that this glorification of violence is completely out of place) but reading their website has convinced me that they are genuine people who have a passion for professional wrestling and their faith – putting the two together has been their dream.

(Also, I don’t actually know the names of these wrestlers. They are probably a lot cooler than the ones I came up with.)

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