The Inflatable Church

No, that’s not a metaphor for the emergent church – I’m actually talking about an inflatable church building! will deliver this church to anywhere in the world so you can have your wedding wherever you want it. Here are some pictures from their website.

God may not fit in a box, but the whole church fits in this van!

I don’t know why, but I keep thinking that these two are about to be eaten by the church behind them. It’s just waiting for the right moment…

I’ve been to weddings that were in smaller churches than this, so the seating is actually impressive.

Inflatable stained glass is probably the biggest achievement of this place.

Be sure to take the preacher out before collapsing the church and stuffing it back in the van. (“Dearly inflated, we have blown up here, today, to celebrate the union of…”)

Those rose petals are flying out because someone punctured a hole in the back of the church.

I can’t help but think that this church is not living up to its potential. They could stick this thing on a lake and have a wedding on a lake. Or, fit it with parachutes and have a skydiving church that is dropped from a plane while people inside go through the ceremony. (Hmm, maybe my wife and I should renew our vows that way. I can’t think of any way it could go wrong.)

Also, if Christianity ever has to go underground to fight persecution all of our congregations could just get one of these and have services in out of the way places. Then we could deflate them when the authorities arrived and they would never catch us. It would go something like this:

Informant: “Just over this hill, I saw Christians in a church, a big rubber church!

Constable: “I don’t see anything! Who ever heard of a rubber church?”

Informant: “It must be inflatable, like those bounce houses! I swear, there was a balloon church, here! A real one!”

Constable: “Men, lock this man away, he’s insane! Balloon church…”

(Found on Oddee.)

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