Christianity vs. Santa Claus

Each year, a few people tell me that they don’t like the commercialism of the holidays. They are entitled to that, but a few will take it even further and say that they don’t like Santa Claus, that he is un-Christian, and that including that ‘holiday’ stuff in our celebration is evil.

When I was studying to be an educator, I learned that young children have a peculiar psychology that prevents them from knowing fantasy from fiction – there is absolutely no way to keep a child from through this stage.  If your kids are going to play “make believe” games, then it is wise for you to play with them and guide those games.  Telling your kids about Santa isn’t lying to them – it’s playing along.  It also doesn’t get in the way of the real meaning of the holidays.

One of my fondest memories of Christmas came when I was a young boy eager to open my presents on a Christmas morning. My grandfather (who bought us presents signed from “Santa”) pulled out his Bible and read the Christmas story to us.  I don’t remember what I received for Christmas, that year, but I never forgot why were celebrating.
So, please don’t hate Santa.  It bugs me each year when people criticize the commercialism of Christmas so much that the children don’t get to enjoy the wonder and magic that the holidays can offer.

Then again, maybe the reason people don’t like Santa is because the first one they saw was this one:

He’s creepy. You’re definitely welcome to keep that guy out of your house.

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