Absolutely Unacceptable Bumper Sticker

I was walking into work and saw one of these on the back of a car.


Now, let’s get on the same page.  It will surprise exactly none of you to know that I didn’t vote for Obama.  I’m an independent Libertarian who hates big government and that doesn’t jive with Obama’s ideas at all – but that doesn’t mean that I hate the guy.  I don’t have a personal problem with Democrats, and I don’t treat them like they are enemies.  Can a believer honestly justify promoting such a personal hateful message.

This sort of attack against individuals through Christian iconography is disconcerting.  Why is the Christian fish eating the President?  That’s horrifying.  I can only imagine how I would feel if I saw a bumper sticker that showed Kali eating me while holding me in a large hot dog bun with her eight arms.

Those are utensils.

Come to think of, is there any religion that brings their deities into modern politics so casually as do Christians?  Why don’t I see pictures of  Kali or Native American spirits attacking their political opponents on bumper stickers?  Heck, even the Flying Spaghetti Monster isn’t subject to such pedestrian activities as voting.  Perhaps we should ask ourselves how respectful it is to consider the grandness of God and then to devalue that grandness by associating it with our own political agendas.  Using Jesus as a weapon to attack your political enemies is a discredit to His glory.

If you’re going to muck about in hateful and degrading political arguments then don’t try to drag Jesus along with you.  He told you to love people – and when you love people you always reflect Him.

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