The Biologist and the Bible

I walked past a classroom a few weeks ago and noticed a professor who was talking about the Bible. I leaned in to listen. Was this a theology class, or a course on world religions? No.

It was a biology class.

I knew what I had to do. Grabbing my secret supply kit, I grabbed my Bible in one hand and my Christian apologist tracts in the other. I quickly donned some war paint and entered the room screaming. I’m pretty sure a white light shone about me as I confronted the biology teacher in front of the stunned students.

The professor asked me who I was – but I countered by asking him who he was to question God! (I was pretty proud of that one.) Then, using the knowledge I had gained from the ‘Answers in Genesis’ website, I thoroughly brushed aside all of his arguments for evolution and led the class in singing the old hymn, ‘Bringing in the Sheaves.’ I even showed the class a picture of Jesus riding a dinosaur to complete my victory.

At this point, the debate was over.

OK, that didn’t happen. (Thank goodness.)

Instead, I kept listening. The professor was a nice guy and I assumed he would not bring up religion in a biology class without a good reason. And I was right.

From the hallway I heard him kindly explain that the laboratories were not interested in religion when researching the origins of life. As he pointed out, there are many religions with opposing views of creation, and respecting them as science really doesn’t get any work done. However, it was not his intention to challenge anyone’s faith or tell anyone if they should believe in God.

The old cliche of the biology teacher opposing Christianity is a favorite in email forwards circa 1999, but that specific type of villainy is not what I saw. I saw a professor respectfully explaining that it was not his goal to push Christianity aside rudely, but to simply focus on the science. I have no problem with that. Reading the Bible doesn’t help you understand what’s under the microscope. (Although, it may help you understand why it’s there.)

Not everyone is comfortable with this, and I understand that, however it is my conviction that whatever is under the microscope was put there by God. Does it appear to reflect evolution? So be it. Does that undermine the Bible? Of course not. If Christianity is true, then nothing in nature could possibly exist in opposition to it. If anything between science and Christianity seems to be in disagreement, I just remember that there is more we have to learn; maybe when we learn more about our world we will see that science and Christianity are not so far apart.

Until that happens, please remember how respectful that biologist was to religion. Fellow Christians, we are to be just as respectful to them if we are to live as Jesus lived.

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