My Unique Conversations – Sneezing

Sometimes I notice that I am the only person who has certain conversations because I am the only person who thinks like I do.  I assume everyone has this experience.  Here’s a conversation that only seems to happen to me: 

Me: Achoo!

Person: Bless you.

Me: Why did you say that?

Person: It’s what you say when someone sneezes.

Me: No, it’s not.  I never say that.

Person: *sigh* I mean, it’s what normal people say when someone sneezes.

Me: Why would someone say that?

Person:  I thought you were a historian?  Don’t you know that people once believed that you would lose your soul or something if someone didn’t say ‘bless you’ after a sneeze?

Me:  Yes, I’ve heard that.  So, do you think I was in danger of losing my soul?

Person: No, that’s stupid.

Me: So…why did you say it, at all?  Do you just say things without thinking about they mean?  Are all of your sentences just random synapsis firing with knee-jerk reactions to external stimuli?

 Person: Never mind!

They call me weird, but they are the ones quoting antiquated religious rituals that they don’t even believe in.  I find THAT weird.  Then they say something clever, like, “Fine then, I won’t say ‘bless you’ when you sneeze anymore, you jerk!”  Which is funny, because I really didn’t care if they did in the first place.  (I would rather see them freed from the shackles of medieval superstition, but I fear I set my sights too high.)

 “Bless you!  Oh, and don’t forget to rub garlic on your neck in case of vampires.”
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