Switchfoot vs. The Police (Not the Band…)

Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot, is not the type to get in trouble with the law, but a recent run-in with the police has really affected him.

In the Huffington Post, Foreman tells us how embarrassed he is about what happened.  After a show He was playing some acoustic music in the parking lot when a police officer came by and made everyone leave.  Foreman shook the officer’s hand and went on his way, so as far as run-ins with the cops go, this was pretty tame.  It turns out that the police needed to clear the lot before they left, so it’s reasonable ask people to move on.

You can find a few YouTube videos of the whole thing going down.  The officer breaks it up pretty loudly, but no one is pushed around or anything.  I agree with Jon Foreman’s notion that a communication breakdown took place, because he and the officer are clearly not on the same page about what’s going on.  Even so, when he is asked to stop playing he is respectful to the officer and he manages not to lose his temper at all. 

But Foreman is still embarrassed.  He’s concerned that he didn’t handle the situation well and seems to feel really flustered about it.  (He goes on to say some really nice things about police officers, as well)  Of course, he also doesn’t understand why he was being yelled at.  He ends the post with an apology:

Mr. Fisher, if in any way you felt threatened or disrespected by my actions the other night, please allow me to apologize. That was not my intention. I was simply hoping to play a few songs out in the parking lot for some folks who wanted to listen. I’m hoping to close this awkward incident the best way I can. I would love to find out how to do this sort of thing better for the next time we pass through. We all need each other.

Foreman is a classy guy.  Some of us met him at a conference two years ago and were amazed at how nice and approachable he was, so it doesn’t surprise me that he has handled this situation well.  Most people I know would have used the opportunity to criticize the police and make themselves out to be martyrs for a cause.  (“Help, help, I’m being repressed!)  Thankfully, Jon Foreman remembered that it is the meek that shall inherit the earth, and not the whiners.  That’s a lesson for me to remember.

You’re doing fine, Jon.

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