Baptizing Aliens – OK With Me

In an interesting announcement, Guy Consolmagno, the Pope’s Astronomer, has said that he would be happy to baptize an alien.  He adds the stipulation that he would only do this if asked, because forced baptisms are a thing of the past (thank goodness).

Guy (seen left), is quite the progressive fellow in terms of science and faith, and I’m glad he’s been public about this. It’s been said in recent times by certain short-sighted individuals that it is “unChristian” to believe in the possibility of alien life, but that’s not true. (I discussed this here, if you want to know more.)

I would like to see more people adopt his point of view. There’s nothing in Scripture that denies alien life and there’s no reason to arbitrarily decide that we must fight that notion. (Otherwise, if aliens landed we would all look pretty stupid.)  Sure, it’s unlikely, but it’s possible. And, it’s even possible that these creatures could have souls and be favored by God. I know that’s bizarre, but since it could happen we should be open to it.  TV shows like to assume that Christians would protest any ideas of aliens, but we need to shed that silly stereotype.

Of course, dunking aliens in water could backfire…
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