Theology Can Be (Sort Of) Funny

Since I’m in the middle of the busiest month of my life, to date, I haven’t got the time to do an in-depth and critical analysis of some aspect of Christianity.  I don’t even have time to write one of my typical entries where I just make fun of people and dress it up like legitimate blogging.  Sadly, I don’t even have time to make fun of Dan Brown.

Actually, there’s always time for some things..

But I can post some (sort of) funny stuff I found at The Sacred Sandwich website in an effort to appease your need for my blogging.  Or maybe an effort to appease my own need for my blogging to fill help me to feel accomplished in a puny effort to overcome my well-hidden feelings of inadequacy when faced with the staggering burden of the human condition.  Either way, I hope these make you laugh.  If so, go check out the rest of the comics.

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