Rob Bell’s New Book, ‘Love Wins,’ Finally Gets A Real Reivew

I’ve been hearing for about a month now that Rob Bell’s new book is either a great heresy or the best Christian writing since the works of St. Paul.  But none of the people who told me this had actually read the book, so I didn’t care.

Today, my friend Brian sent me a link to the first review of ‘Love Wins‘ written by someone who actually read it before writing their opinion.  (I know reading is hard, but you still have to do it before you claim to understand a book.)

The review is not encouraging for Bell’s supporters.  I won’t steal thunder from the reviewer, but it seems that Bell has a Universalist message wrapped up in some very vague language.  And they’ve included a lot of quotes from the book in order to let Rob Bell speak for himself as much as possible.  But don’t take my word for it (since I haven’t read it, either), just read the review.

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