Apologizing to the Gay Community

I saw this at a website called God Hates Protestors; the sign on the bottom right is important – it reads, “I used to be a Bible-Banging homophobe – Sorry.”
Some context is required to appreciate this.  The photo was taken during a gay pride parade in Chicago.  Some Christians (not pictured) decided to show up and yell hateful messages at the homosexual crowd through loudspeakers.  That is not the way Jesus ministered to people (“Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone” and all that), so another group of Christians decided to go and a non-hateful side of Christianity.
This man is inspiring to me.  He doesn’t act immature and say that his Christianity is better than that of anyone else.  He doesn’t get into an argument with the other Believers or the homosexual crowd.  Instead, he humbly asked forgiveness for the hatred he had once displayed, and he showed love to his fellow man.  No one remembers anything about the mean protestors who were heckling the crowd, but the gay man in this picture will never forget the time that a Christian stopped to say that he cared about him.  (Of course, that doesn’t explain why he’s in his underwear.)
You might be wondering about the theology of that man on the other side of the fence.  Does he accept the homosexual lifestyle?  Do he disagree with it even though he wants to show that he cares for these people?  We’ll never know – and it’s not the point.
A lot of healing needs to be done between the Christian and the homosexual communities.  It’s common for people to assume that anyone who goes to church is a hateful person who would attack a gay man.  This is because certain people have used Christianity as an excuse for gay bashing (an awful thing to do), and it’s going to take a lot of work to overcome this.  
The world needs to know that Jesus’ followers are not a violent and hateful people who wish to hurt others.  We must present the love of God to all men, and we must re-build the bridges that our past mistakes have torn down.
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