Can Christians Participate in Halloween?


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Hi Renea,

Its C again and I had another question. So I’ve been praying for my husband and for God to let me love him more and I think its been helping so thank you very much for your advice. But my question today is: his family LOVES Halloween especially because they throw a lot of parties and like to dress up, would it be okay if I attended to their parties?

Hello again!
Good question. There is nothing inherently evil about Halloween. It can be lots of fun! My friends and I always have a party. It’s really a matter of how one participates. For example, anything that dabbles in the occult, such as Ouija boards or seances, are out of bounds; people are messing with spiritual realities they generally don’t understand. Also, for lots of people, Halloween is just an excuse to dress in a slutty costume and get plastered. Obviously that’s uncool too. But these things actually provide Christians the opportunity to participate in Halloween and be a witness to the world by participating in counter-cultural ways: ie, choosing a costume that’s fun and creative rather than one that gives away the whole candy shop, drinking responsibly or not at all, and staying away from parties which dabble in the occult—or at least choosing not to participate in those activities.

I think it’s especially important for you to go with your husband to his family’s party. It’s a way you can bond with him and potentially his family as well; and like I said, be a witness through your actions (though obviously not through judgmental words/attitudes/behaviors) if there are goings-on which are unbecoming of a believer in Christ.

I’m glad my previous advice has been helpful.
Thanks for writing. God’s peace,

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