Crooked Pastor Orders Assault on Homosexuals

Jerry Pittman, a pastor in Tennessee, will be the focus of a media storm, soon, as details emerge that he ordered an assault on two homosexuals who came to his church.  One of them was his son.

If the allegations are true, then I have this to say to that church in Tennessee:

You don’t know who Jesus Christ is.  You have never understood the compassion and care He had for those around Him, and your life does not glorify God.  I can think of nothing more hideous and evil than what you have done.  Someone who has understood Christ’s teachings could never allow such a thing – and certainly wouldn’t order it.  Close down your church and hit the road, because you’re not one of us.  You use Christianity as a weapon to attack your enemies, and, in doing so, will convince millions who read about this story that there is no Hope in Christ.  You have done more damage to the Faith than a thousand generations can repair.  Ask yourselves, have you been working to show your community that Jesus is the light that shines in the darkness – or do you want to hurt people who disagree with you?

Millions of Christians donated their time to charity work this week, but most people will only hear about the crimes of Jerry Pittman.  The Christians I know are currently in an outrage over this unacceptable behavior.  We thought that these dark days of hatred were behind us, but we were wrong.  There’s still much work to do if the church is to learn to love.

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