They Asked Me if I Believed in Demons

The class was talking about demons.  I don’t attend an evangelical school, and plenty of teachers and students are quite proud of their “post-Christian” views, but my classmates were not ashamed to admit their paranormal fears.

At least two students mentioned personal experiences with some sort of “dark feelings” they experienced when visiting places where violence had happened.  Our professor said that he couldn’t think of another explanation for the Holocaust other than something demonic.  Neither could anyone else.  I was astonished that not a single person said that they didn’t believe in demons (or something similar), at all.

But what about me?  The conversation was interrupted before I could answer.

Last week, something terrible happened in my hometown.  A man went to a party and was attacked by a few men.  A broken beer bottle was stabbed into his back, he was punched repeatedly, and then he was thrown into a burning barrel while his attackers laughed and watched him burn.  At last, some party-goers intervened and he managed to escape with his life – barely.

And, they did this to him because he is gay.

The men have been arrested, and I hope the law finds them very guilty.  I’ve known people like this all of my life; they know they are strong, and they find weaker people to brutalize.  It makes me feel like nothing is right in our world when these things happen.

An old friend of mine said that he hopes these guys get murdered in prison.  Normally, I would protest that sort of hatred – we should love our enemies, right? – but, not this time.  To my own horror, I agreed.  I can’t force myself to forgive these sorts of people, and that means that I’m not as enlightened and loving as I pretend to be.  And that makes me even more upset about this whole thing.  Meanwhile, back home, a man is looking out his window and hoping that no one is coming to kill him.

Do I believe in demons?  Do I think that there’s something in this world that is working against us, to try and hurt us?

I most certainly do.

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