Christianity, Abortion, and Women’s Rights (A Mature Discussion)

I don’t see this topic being discussed very well, anywhere.  Of course, the internet has more articles/blog entries/etc. about abortion than you can shake a stick at, but most of them are just filled with angry, politicized ranting.  Since I started this website in order to have better conversations, it’s high time I started this one.

Christians who view abortion as the murder of an infant naturally seek to avoid it.

I wouldn’t put an infant to death because I didn’t want it, and I think that the same thing applies to an infant who happens to still be in the womb.  It’s unfair for that innocent life to be killed for our convenience.  Who am I to decide who lives and who dies just because a pregnancy was unexpected, or unwanted?  That’s no cause for killing.

But what about women’s rights?

This is where things get rough, of course.  When I tell people that I’m against abortion, they reply with, “why do you hate women?”  Years ago, this confused me, because no one ever bothered to explain what they were talking about.  I would end up scratching my head while my conversation partner was singing Helen Reddy songs.

They were upset because they assumed that I would tell a mother that she would have to die in the event that the baby’s birth threatened her health.  Why would I do that?  I wouldn’t.  Again, who am I to decide who lives or who dies?  I don’t have that privilege (and I don’t want it).

If a mother’s life is threatened, then I don’t see any reason not to preserve her life.  For one thing, she can have more children this way.  In my opinion, her life is just as valuable as the child’s, so there is no way to choose.  In fact, in that situation there is no right answer – it’s a tragedy and everyone is a victim.  There’s no mandate that says a woman needs to die, and I think that it’s unfair to assume that someone who protests casual abortion is the same as someone who would sentence a woman to death because of pregnancy complications. 

So, just to be sure we’re all on the same page, I don’t hate women (half of the babies I’m trying to save are female, after all), and I don’t insist that a woman must die if her baby might kill her during the birth.  I’m not a monster.

What about children who might be born with Down Syndrome?

It shouldn’t surprise you, by now, that I don’t think Down Syndrome (or any other birth defect) is a strong enough reason to kill a baby.  They are just as precious and worthy as any other child.  Or, do you think that only healthy, intelligent babies should be allowed to live?

What about rape victims?

Rape victims have undergone a horrible nightmare that will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives.  But, killing the unborn baby is not going to change that.  The baby is innocent in all of this, and many people in our world were born as the product of rape.  (It might shock you to know how common this sort of thing is, or how many people you might know who were born this way – those people are thankful that they were allowed to live despite their unfortunate conception.)  I can’t stress enough how much sympathy I have for a rape victim, but it doesn’t give us a reason to end the child’s life.  That just adds another victim to the crime.


Abortion needs to be avoided.  We should work against ending the lives of infants because it’s wrong to take their lives in our own hands.  Those who cannot fight for their own survival always need our help, and I believe we must extend that to the unborn.

Furthermore, more women would keep their children if we didn’t talk about pregnancies like they were some kind of scandal.  Be sure that your friends and family members can be comfortable keeping a baby (or a pregnant belly) around and don’t make them feel like they are being criticized for it.

(In keeping with my theme of having a “mature discussion,” feel free to disagree with me in the comment section – just do it like a grown up.)

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