Protecting Biblical Marriage and the Family?

As most of you probably know, North Carolina citizens yesterday voted to add an amendment to their state constitution defining marriage as between a man and a women, basically assuring that it would be even more difficult for gay marriage to ever be legal in the state.  (Gay marriage is already illegal in N.C., but a state constitutional amendment is MUCH more difficult to overturn than a state law).  If my numbers are correct, I think that’s 30 states now that have such an amendment, while 6 states (plus the District of Columbia) allow gay marriage.

When I listen to those who support such state amendments (or a corresponding federal amendment) the arguments seem to revolve around a few related  assertions: 1) homosexuality is a sin, 2) God has defined marriage in certain ways, and we need to follow suit, and 3) the family must be protected as it is the basic building block/bulwark of a healthy society.  The third one, especially, makes the situation so serious that it merits involving the power of the federal and state governments to insure that marriage and family (and thus the nation itself) are protected.

In your face, Europe! 

Now since the stakes are so high and God’s standards are so important, I’m excited to announce a new campaign to add a new amendment to the Texas constitution making it illegal to get divorced (except for maybe a few very particular circumstances) and making it illegal to be a single parent! Sign up now!

Wait? Where is everyone going? I thought we had to uphold God’s best! I thought we had to protect marriage and the family! I thought the very future of the nation depended on it!  Think of the children!

The logic is sound, people.  God hates divorce.  Absolutely hates it.  It’s sin.  (By the way, that’s why in none of our churches do we allow those who divorced for unbiblical reasons and who remain unrepentant to hold positions of leadership.  In fact if they want to remain members, we insist on church discipline.  We do that stuff, right? Right???)

Children from broken homes or who don’t even know who one parent is suffer significant effects because of it.  I mean, if we decide it’s prohibitively harmful to allow gay people to raise a child together, then we must want what’s absolutely best for the kids.  Let’s use the power of the state to round up all the single-parent children.  They’ll be much better off in the foster system, anyway.

If the family is the cornerstone of our society, then we can’t afford to let people get divorced! We can’t afford to let two people who have a child together not get married afterwords! It’s the family and the nation at stake here, people!

Think of marriage counseling as the adventure of a lifetime …

If you’re worried about issues with the legal system, etc that gay marriage would bring about … how much money, time, and energy do you think we would save every year and how much more simple would the legal system be if we simply refused to let people get divorced?

I’m not actually suggesting such amendments, of course.  This was an exercise in the absurd meant to make a point.  Nor am I trying to demonize either divorced people or single parents.  But I want you to think about why the idea of such an amendment made you nervous in the first place.  Is it because divorce and broken homes aren’t as serious a problem to God or for the Church or society as homosexual marriages and homes? Is it because such an amendment ia an abuse of state power, and who wants the government dictating to its citizens like that?

I don’t understand at all.

I don’t understand why Christians aren’t holistic in their announcement to the world of the coming kingdom and God’s standards of holiness, as well as His bountiful and readily available grace.

I don’t understand why we pick out pet issues and ignore others.

I don’t understand how we determine when to involve the state and when to let it stay a matter of personal conscience.  I don’t know why we insist on liberty for ourselves in some instances, yet wield Constantine’s sword on a hair trigger.

I don’t understand why some people are so convinced that God will punish our nation for homosexuality and abortion, yet never breathe a word of concern about how He’s going to view the rampant divorce rate, the way we treat the poor,  or racism and imperialism in our past and present.  Are those slap on the wrist offenses or something?

Someone help me make sense of all this.

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