Is This How We Worship?

Click on the picture if you can’t make out the words:

This isn’t how we should worship. But I think this is how we do worship sometimes, or at least how we sometimes wish we could worship.

  • We try to ascend to heaven on the hot-air balloons of our emotions.
  • We care little what the songs we worship God with actually mean, but we prefer them to mean very little. Otherwise, we might have to reflect on the words, and that might mean reflecting on theology, and we don’t like reflecting on theology, because it doesn’t feel as good as getting emotionally worked up.
  • If the music is loud enough to risk damage to our ears, we don’t care. Loud music makes the emotional experience better, and having strong feelings for God is a higher priority than our health. (Never mind what the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:20.)
  • We leave the worship service and go about our daily lives. We haven’t been transformed, but we do have the satisfaction of feeling like we really, really liked God at church this morning. We have nothing to remember from the worship service throughout the week–except for how much we really, really liked God last Sunday.
  • It’s ok if our lives are no better this week than the last, if we aren’t any holier or more virtuous this week than the last, because come next Sunday we’ll sing some upbeat songs again and really, really like God again.

That’s how we think–sometimes. But, of course, we’re wrong.

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