Acting Undignified Over a Chicken Sandiwch

I’m constantly disappointed with the way this Chik-fil-A situation is unfolding – especially with the way my fellow Christians are reacting to it.

Fellow Believers, what was your response when the mayor of Boston announced that he was going to try and block the restaurant from his town?  Was it anything short of love?  Did you think it would be funny to mail him chicken sandwiches or talk trash about him behind his back?  How many of you have called him “stupid” or insulted him in some other way – and, does that seem Christ-like, to you?

“Us vs. Them” is not going to cut it.  Rather than fighting a social battle against the Chik-fil-A haters, find a way to show them kindness and respect.  It’s OK to support your favorite restaurant, but to do so with a disrespectful attitude is wrong.

It’s time for us to put down our clubs and stop fighting the people we are supposed to be caring about.  Christians constantly find themselves in a public battle where they are defending their faith at all turns, but we can put an end to that.  Don’t fight that battle; just love your neighbor, don’t meet their insults with your own, and don’t fight a war when you can love someone, instead.

I’ve been in a lot of places where my faith was publicly criticized, but I usually put an end to it by being kind to the very people who tried to hurt me.  It never helps to try and escalate the battle.

So, support Chik-fil-A all you want, but if you don’t do it kindly then you’re not representing you faith very well.

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