N.T. Wright Sings Dylan, Christians with Aspergers, and more.

– The Gideons Didn’t Leave That One.  At the hotel in England, the staff have taken the Bible out of the guest rooms and replaced it with the book 50 Shades of Grey.  In my opinion, the tradition of leaving Bibles in hotel rooms isn’t going to be around forever, given our society’s hostility toward Christians.  This might be the start of a major trend.

– Don’t try this at your next retreat: Last week, 21 people were treated for burns after a motivational speaker told them to walk on hot coals.

-What’s it like to be a Christian with Asperger’s?  In this interesting article from Rachel Held Evans a woman tells about her struggles with this and how difficult it is to be around people who want her to act “normal.”  I highly recommend reading it because many people you’ll meet with similar problems are struggling just like she is, and most people are good at making the problem worse.

And, as promised, N.T. Wright singing Bob Dylan’s ‘When the Ship Comes In’:

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