I feel ambiguous about voting.

Christian rhetoric regarding voting is rather one dimensional in my experience: “It’s your Christian duty.” I understand the argument. As Christians, we are concerned with culture, and in the US we are privileged to participate in the process of culture-shaping policy. That makes sense to me. What often does not make sense to me is policy; or at least, policy is rarely as clear cut as it’s made out to be.

I’m an intelligent person, but I feel like a rather incompetent voter… I don’t mind making educated guesses, but I feel like my guesses aren’t very educated. I find it difficult to find the facts.

Drive-by debates.

I recently had a handsome young politician knock on my door and ask if he could count on my vote.

“Who are you?”

I’m pretty sure that isn’t what he wanted to hear… but he began to parse partisan-laden language about one particular platform, which I soon understood was supposed to tell me everything I needed to know because then he asked if I would put his sign in my yard.

Helpful information is scarce, and sifting through rhetoric to actual ideas feels nearly impossible—If a person discusses ideas (in the woods or wherever) and there’s no one there to listen, is democracy sound?

There are other concerns and questions I have regarding this issue, but I’m not sure how to articulate them. No one seems to have very much patience with my questions… after all, you don’t question your Christian duty.

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