Thinking seriously about ‘choice’

A book I keep meaning to read is, “Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences of World Full of Men” by Mara Hvistendahl.  The book takes a hard look at choice, abortion and the role of women in worldwide society.  

Front CoverThe Wall Street Journal’s review of the book, The War Against Girls, sparked my interest.  One of the more interesting quotes from the review states:

Despite the author’s intentions, “Unnatural Selection” might be one of the most consequential books ever written in the campaign against abortion. It is aimed, like a heat-seeking missile, against the entire intellectual framework of “choice.” For if “choice” is the moral imperative guiding abortion, then there is no way to take a stand against “gendercide.” Aborting a baby because she is a girl is no different from aborting a baby because she has Down syndrome or because the mother’s “mental health” requires it. Choice is choice. One Indian abortionist tells Ms. Hvistendahl: “I have patients who come and say ‘I want to abort because if this baby is born it will be a Gemini, but I want a Libra.’

If you read the book, let me know how it is.  If you, like myself, won’t make (or don’t have) the time to read the full book, please take the time to read the review.  It will give you plenty to think about.

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