Random Christmas links

Here’s everything you need for Christmas:

Advent Conspiracy
“We all want our Christmas to be a lot of things. Full of joy. Memories. Happiness. Above all, we want it to be about Jesus….”

Dallas Theological Seminary Christmas Devotionals
“Each one of the devotionals in this volume elucidates a particular name of Christ found in Scripture.”

Scroll to the bottom for the free Elf Madness option. It’s a great way to kill time at work.

Has N.T. Wright Ruined Christmas?
“…I only listen to Advent and Christmas music. There are no other playlists on my iPod.”

Top 5 Christmas Clichés – Does Santa Claus Really Matter?
“Christmas, like the purple elephant in my backyard, is an extraordinary, shocking, otherworldly event.”

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Photo by eugenio ibiapina parente (Parkinson’s disease)