Satanists Aren’t Actually Supporting Rick Scott (Hard to Believe, I Know.)

Last week, news hit that a group of Satanists was supporting Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s proposal to put prayer back in school, claiming that it fit their own agenda as well as that of evangelical Christians. This was reported by every major news network, sometimes in an effort to discredit the governor, but it turned out to be a hoax.

It turns out that that these Satanists are working on a mockumentary, and they were just staging a publicity stunt for their film. The media ate it right up – but they should have known better.

The journalists involved should have been tipped off when these actors began to describe their beliefs. These “Satanists” claimed that they wanted to teach people to see Satan as an angel of wisdom and light, and that God is real but that He is misrepresented by the Christian church. The Temple of Satan that practices its religion in America is actually an atheist religion that does not believe in the existence of God or Satan. (No, I don’t know why they’re called “Satanists” if they don’t believe there is a Satan. I’ve never understood that.) It’s actually very difficult to find anyone who truly says prayers to Satan, despite what were told in the 80s about cult activity.

It was a fun story, while it lasted.

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