Stingy Pastor Apologizes for Whing About Tip

Remember last week when a pastor complained about leaving a tip? (She left a note with the waitress saying that she gave God 10% and didn’t understand why she should give an 18% tip to a restaurant.) The story was highly publicized, and it resulted in a recent apology from the pastor who said that it was a “lapse in judgment that has been blown out of proportion.” (The apology has not been highly publicized.)

What I find interesting is that the waitress didn’t really get stiffed – she actually got a big tip. The pastor left a smaller tip of six dollars on the table and tried to scratch out the 18% gratuity, but she didn’t realize that it had already been charged to her credit card. The waitress got the 18% tip and the extra $6.00 of cash. (Of course, that’s no excuse for bad manners.)

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