A Book About a TV Show About the Bible

The Bible is a pretty successful show, so it’s only logical that someone should try to make a book out it.

Seriously. Someone has written a novelization of the TV show about the Bible.

You can check it out on Amazon, but the reader reviews, as usual, are the best part. Here’s some of the tongue-in-cheek thoughts from the review section:

When I watched the first episode of the epic TV miniseries “The Bible,” I remember thinking to myself, “This is spectacular, but what if I want to engage with these stories on a deeper level.” After watching and re-watching and re-re-watching the entire series, it still felt like something was missing…Thank God for this book!


A fantastic book with truly heart-warming stories. I hope someone makes this into a movie, or at least a TV mini-series.  

But not everyone is so critical. Over at GoodReads.com there are reviewers telling us that putting the Bible in a novel format has made it easier for them to read and understand. Can’t argue with that – the Bible isn’t the easiest book to read, and organizing the story into chronological order would help a lot of people. In that light, it’s not that different from a collection of Bible stories that churches use to teach Scripture.

I can’t decide if this is a joke or a good idea.

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