Does the Church Have an Answer for This?

The issue of homosexual marriage is the hot topic of the week, and Christians are, as a whole, “undecided.”

Not surprisingly, there are people in both camps. I have Christian friends who tell me that Jesus would approve of gay weddings, and others who say He would not. But most of the people I know honestly don’t have a firm opinion on the matter and just avoid talking about it.

Believe it, or not, plenty of people don’t actually know any homosexuals. (Or, they don’t think they do.) Some of you will find that hard to believe, but it’s possible to spend your week going to work and seeing your friends and family without being around anyone who is gay. A lot of people I know don’t have a single gay contact in their life, and when questions about homosexuality come up they are at a complete loss because they don’t know anything about it.

My advice to the church is that we get to know these people. Don’t treat them like outsiders or freaks, but get to know some of them and listen to what they say. Ask a gay person about their life story and their beliefs. Find out what goes on in their world and how they feel about the church. Getting to know the people we’ve been condemning will change this conversation for the better.

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