The following meme flamed across my Facebook feed the other day:

What makes this meme (and others like it) attractive, is it’s one-liner, black-and-white pith. It’s cheeky; it’s inflammatory; it’s a logical fallacy. And White American Evangelicals can’t get enough of it.

We must beware of deceptively simple arguments such as this. We are called by Christ to be innocent as doves and shrewd as serpents (Mt 10:16). We must stop allowing ourselves to be duped. We must repent from being a part of spreading these lies — even if by being silent. We must turn to fight against them instead, for they are a great harm to the church.

The especial, malicious irony of the above image, is that it was posted by a “Christian” Facebook group mere hours after Israel bestowed their highest honor upon President Obama, thanking him for his “tireless work to make Israel strong.”

Israeli President Peres Awards Medal of Distinction to President Obama

President Peres went on to say, “Your presidency has given the close ties between Israel and the United States a new height. A sense of intimacy. A vision for the future.” (Read the full transcript or watch the video here.)

Dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, stop forwarding these emails. Stop liking and sharing these Facebook photos. These memes are poisonous. They are often intentionally deceptive, and there is nothing more unChristian. We are supposed to spread the cure, not the poison.

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