Politics Makes Earth Day Annoying

Earth Day is a problem, for me. I love the planet – who doesn’t – and I hardly go a day without picking up some trash that someone else left on the ground. I love the beauty of the outdoors, and the calmness of nature. Again, who doesn’t?

But I have no idea how to take care of the planet. Environmental issues are frustratingly wrapped up in politics, and asking deep questions about environmentalism always brings out the haters.

For example, is nuclear energy safe? I want to know, but I can’t have that conversation with anyone – people always get upset. Rather than having a thoughtful investigation of the effects of nuclear power plants, everyone I know just wants to raise their voice as soon as the word “nuclear” is spoken. I’m certain that no one on either side of that debate is interested in hearing any facts from their opponents – they just want to defend the position of their political party.

And that’s a problem. Not just for politics, but for the planet. Every environmental issue I’ve heard of in the last ten years has been picked up by a politician and used as a thinly-veiled attack on their opponents. We cannot preserve our planet this way.

Obviously, Christians believe that we should be taking good care of the earth, but no one can agree on how to do it. Until we remove environmentalism from the arena of “Democrats vs. Republicans” we will not be able to save anything – we’ll just argue. Of course, I’ve noticed that most Americans would rather argue politics than fix any problems, so our planet’s problems will continue to be ignored while we fight for power in our capitols.

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