More Gays Are Coming Out of the Closet – As Christians

It’s downright fashionable for some people to hate Christianity, and in the same circles people have a tendency to make a big show about embracing homosexuals, so it’s no surprise that gays can have a
tough time going to church.

What will their friends think? Will their family look at them differently? Will they still be accepted at the same parties when their socialite friends realize that they have to leave early to get to mass the next morning?

Not to mention, it’s pretty stressful to visit a church and not know if you will be accepted, or thrown out.

Of course, there have always been homosexuals in our churches, but they were living “in the closet,” conveniently hiding their sexual orientation and acting like they weren’t different. Things have changed. Now, openly gay couples are calling up pastors and asking a question that the church has been avoiding for a long time: Can I join your church if I’m living as a gay person?

I’m not going to tell you how to feel about homosexuality in this post, but I will tell you that it’s our job to welcome everyone who comes to our churches. People go to church to find God, and we won’t get anywhere by closing the door on them.

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