Stephen King and Jesus

Stephen King is one of my favorite writers, and religion plays a major role in his books. King’s statements about Christianity, while unorthodox, are always interesting, at the least.

His opposition to Conservatives and his outspoken criticism of the church in the debate over homosexual marriage have certainly helped to distance him from Christian culture. However, he also makes some of the heroes in his books Christians (as well as some of the villains), making his position on the Faith not so obvious.

His statements about God can range from insightful (if you have faith in Jesus then you shouldn’t need a cross to fight a vampire, for example) to heretical (musing that something greater than God might be the real power behind the universe). Of course, these are just the thoughts of his characters, not King, himself. It’s also worth noting that his Christian readers are always impressed with his Biblical knowledge.

His recent statements about God can be read at Think Christian’s latest post. and I thought it might be interesting for any of you King fans out there. Enjoy. (No, I won’t tell you what he said. You have to click on the link.)

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