The Atheist Who Agreed with Me

“I’m an atheist,” my classmate boasted, loudly, “so I don’t believe in that stuff.”

His response to Christianity was predictable – he was the sort of person who took every opportunity to step away from tradition. But I didn’t believe him. I could tell he was just saying it to sound cool.

“So,” I leaned in, “You don’t believe in God? There’s no soul, and nothing spiritual?”

“That’s not what I meant.” He quickly retracted, “I’m not saying God doesn’t exist-.”

“But you called yourself an atheist,” I interrupted, “that’s means  you don’t believe in a higher power. At all.”

“Well, it’s not that I don’t believe in God…” He searched for an answer, “…I just don’t think the church is completely right about Him.”

I started to say something, but our professor decided (wisely) that it was time to get back to our discussion of Augustine. Still, there was so much I wanted to tell my colleague.

Did he realize how much we had in common? I also think the church has misrepresented God, at times. And I think the church’s petty disputes and political entanglements distract people from the beauty of redemption and love.

It makes me wonder how many people think they disagree with me when they actually share many, if not all, of my beliefs.

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