Christians Hunted & Murdered in Egypt

Relatives of Christians killed near Luxor, where Muslim mobs invaded Christian homes and set them alight while besieging other Christians in their homes.

This sort of thing, sadly, happens rather regularly in certain parts of the world, though rarely do we in the West hear about it. This time, perhaps due to all the coverage already in Egypt regarding the ousting of it’s former Muslim Brotherhood elected President, even The New York Times reported the violence that extremist Muslims perpetuate against their peaceable Christian neighbors.

According to Times reporter Sarah Mousa,

Since Mr. Morsi’s ouster on July 3, the activists say, a priest has been shot dead in the street, Islamists have painted black X’s on Christian shops to mark them for arson and angry mobs have attacked churches and besieged Christians in their homes. Four Christians were reported slaughtered with knives and machetes in one village last week.

You can read the whole report here.

That this kind of violent persecution happens everyday in various places around the world is something I would hope concerns everybody, not just other Christians. In the West, we view Christianity as the metanarrative—something to rage against and be incredulous toward. But these Christians in Egypt and elsewhere are the marginalized minority. We should be as concerned for them as we are for any marginalized and oppressed people groups.

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