Don’t Believe What You Read – The Pope is Not Offering Indulgences on Twitter

C’mon, people.

Earlier this week, the major news outlets said that the Pope was offering to get people out of Hell by following him on Twitter. It was the joke of the day. Protestants with an axe to grind were trying to use it as an example of the corruption of the Vatican, while others thought it provided a reason to avoid organized religion, all together. But I thought the story sounded absolutely ridiculous.

Those who follow Catholicism more closely were quick to point out the facts – Pope Francis offered no such thing. It makes for a good headline, but it’s just not true. Naturally, people will probably think this really happened for years to come because so few people are willing to look past news headlines for the truth. Pope Francis has shown himself to be a down-to-earth, reasonable person, so we shouldn’t be so quick to believe these sorts of stories about him.

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