Remembering Regina, Who Often Touched My Leg

She was a kind soul who offered her friendship to everyone, providing her quiet companionship and unassuming humility without wanting much in return. No one was too poor, too boring, or too anything for her, because she thought every friendship was equally precious. And she even got a long with dogs. (Except that one time…)

I’m talking about a cat, of course. A cat that is no longer with us.

And it reminds of Sherlock Holmes. In The Naval Treaty, Holmes tells Watson that he believes in God, and that God must be a nice, benevolent sort of deity. Even though Holmes is sometimes shocked at the bloodshed and tragedy in the world, he still sees beauty in things like flowers and says that “only Goodness gives extras.” It’s not necessary for flowers to be pretty – it doesn’t serve any purpose – but providing these little “extras” is, according to the world’s greatest detective, how we know that there is a loving God behind the scenes of this mad world.

Regina always brightened my day. She wasn’t the most clean or attractive cat I ever knew, but she was certainly the kindest. These little “extras,” like poor, old Regina, remind me that I’m not alone, as long as I take the time to notice them.

(I hope you don’t mind that I’ve departed from my usual academic drivel for this emotional side note. I’ll be back, next week, with the dry, pedantic entries you’ve come to expect.)

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