Everything is My Fault (Apparently)

Here’s just a few of the ways I am making the world a worse place (according to everyone):

–I’m an introvert, so I like to spend a lot of time alone. I am a hospitable, considerate person, and I take time to listen to people’s problems, but I have always needed a lot of alone time. I’m told that this makes me self-absorbed, and that I am ignoring my responsibility to love people.

–I am not a supporter of either political party, because neither of them are really close to my own views. However, I always allow people to disagree with me without getting upset with them or insisting that they do things my way. Depending on who you are, this either means that I am contributing to America’s moral decline, or I am holding the country back from making progress.

–I don’t think it’s right to tell a woman she has to die in childbirth, and I also don’t like the idea of killing an infant in utero because it is unwanted. As a result, I oppose abortions when there is no threat to the mother in an effort to preserve as many human lives as possible. These views are born of sympathy for others, but people insist that I hate women or that I hate babies.

–I love the internet, texting, and reading on electronic devices. This makes me “what is wrong with the world, today.” Apparently, sending messages to friends and reading the news is worse than being a criminal.

–I am working on a master’s degree in medieval studies. Inside the academy, I constantly hear people insulting Christians for being backward and dumb. Outside of school, everyone insults the academy for being irrelevant and haughty. I guess I’m all of those things.

–I ask the people in the church to ignore politics and just love each other, but they only accuse me of being part of some liberal/conservative agenda that seeks to undermine them. At the very least they think I’m ignorant of these competing agendas and don’t trust me if I don’t push one side or the other.

I can’t go anywhere, or say anything, without being told that I’m What’s Wrong With The World Today. And why? Because I ask people to get along? Because I try to be sympathetic to everyone’s suffering, instead of choosing my positions based on political parties? Because I keep to myself and don’t bother anyone? Yeah, I’m a real villain.

When I recommend that people in the church shouldn’t insult people for fun (a position I’m quite certain is the right one) a lot of my friends will agree with me…and later they’ll post something on Facebook about how stupid [Sarah Palin/Barack Obama] is and how much they hate them. Does it do any good to ask people to stop this nonsense? All I get for my work is having everyone point their guns at me.

What really gets to me is that after endlessly being told that I’m a terrible person people still wonder why I like to spend time alone.

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