Heaven is a Place on Earth – And So Is Hell

It is argued by at least some evangelicals that heaven is a place on earth. The argument typically claims that humans were created for the earth, the earth is our home, and when the end comes, believers will live on the New Earth. We experience Heaven now as we see glimpses of God’s Kingdom around us.

In our world full of pain, suffering, and death, we often see Hell more than we see Heaven. Believers are to help those who do not yet know God and who have not experienced his grace and mercy to see glimpses of His Kingdom.

But how often do we do this? How often do we realize we can and should be experiencing God’s Kingdom now, as opposed to getting caught up in the same labor and strife as those without hope.

Hell is a place on earth now, because many live life separated from God, out of fellowship with him, and with no hope of justice, righteousness, or eternal life. Many have no concept of a higher calling or great purpose in life. They do not understand the intrinsic value of life, only the demonic value of death.

We experience hell when we go through a break-up, when we lose a job, when a loved one is taken, when we see starvation the spread of disease, and extreme poverty. I recommend that we help others experience heaven by aiding the poor, feeding the hungry,  healing the sick, and comforting the heartbroken.

Perhaps if we do more to help others, we too will more deeply experience the beauty in God’s Kingdom now.