If you’re a theistic evolutionist, . . .

Theistic evolution is the theory that God used evolution to create life on earth as we know it today. If you’re a theistic evolutionist, please don’t do four things.

1. Don’t be a Chris. Be a Beth.

2. Don’t toss Adam out of your theology lightly. The New Testament talks about a lot of Old Testament people; a lot of theology in the New Testament depends on these folk: Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Melchizedek, Isaac, David, Zerubbabel, etc. Adam appears in passages including Luke 3, Mark 10, and Romans 5.

If you’re a theistic evolutionist, then you probably believe that Abraham, David, and Zerubbabel are historical characters, and that the theological points Paul makes in Romans 4 based on the life of Abraham are based on a historical character.

So what is it that Abraham has in Romans 4 but Adam lacks in Romans 5, or that Adam lacks in Luke 3 but Abraham and David have in the same passage?

Not believing in a historical Adam without answering this question is a little careless, at best. At worst, it undermines the authority of Scripture.

(Of course one could believe in a historical Adam and still be a theistic evolutionist. Maybe Adam was just the first person who had evolved to the point where he could make a free and morally significant choice, or the first person God spoke to, or the first person to whom God gave an immortal soul, or something. This approach to Adam is a little bit speculative and impossible to prove from Scripture, but it is possible.)

3. Watch out for deism! Don’t have a deistic region in your theology. Understand that God was involved in creation. Chance is not the father of us all. Nor are chance and a set of physical laws set up by God at the beginning of creation the father and mother of us all.

The order and beauty of creation was part of God’s plan. How excellent is His name in all the earth!

In other words, it’s better to be a theistic evolutionist than simply to be an evolutionist who happens to be a theist.

God made this guinea pig.

4. Don’t make God responsible for death and suffering. If eons of natural selection preceded the emergence of humans with the power to make a choice, then eons of death and suffering came before any sin had been committed by human beings. Who is guilty for that death and suffering?
(By the way, Alvin Plantinga answers this by saying that the free choice of created beings is responsible for that death and suffering, just not the free choice of human beings. There were other, angelic beings created before humans, and they sinned first.)

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