A Halloween Scare for Jesus

There’s often discussion on what Christians should or should not do in regards to Halloween but some decisions are easy.  Do not give out Chick Tracts to anyone, let alone children.

The cover of a Chick Tract.

I recently stumbled upon an article titled, Trick or Tract: Satan, Jack Chick and Other Halloween Horrors.  It discusses Christians, Halloween and mostly these tracts.  Over the years I’ve read several tracts, hell and fire literature and all sorts of really bad nonsense trying to masquerade as Christian theology.  But I’ve never seen such blatant ridiculousness and destruction before, especially on something that people seem to actually purchase and geared toward children.  (You can by an assortment of tracks at Amazon.com .)

At first glance one might think these tracts are some sort of farce to give someone a good scare for  Halloween but they are not intended to be farcical but accurate. When it comes to Halloween these tracts play up the fear and death angle.  Literally.  Many of the tracts have children dying.  Many include quotes saying that pagan’s celebrate Satan’s birthday on Halloween and often do this by sacrificing animals and even children.  Later in those tract it clarifies saying it’s not Satan’s birthday but some people think it is and so still do the sacrifices.

I really apologize if anyone has been exposed to these tracts through trick-or-treating, their church or any other way.  Using lies and awful manipulative tactics to get someone to believe in Jesus is the opposite of what should happen.

I’ve linked below to several of the most gruesome tracts. Read at your own risk.  Seriously.  If you’re looking for a good fright this week, you’re in luck.

The Little Princess: http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0063/0063_01.asp?Store=True

This tract is about a little girl diagnosed to die within a few days, but her last wish is to go Trick-or-Treating.  Luckily, a family gives her a tract about Jesus.

Happy Halloween: http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0032/0032_01.asp?Store=True

In this tract a few kids go to a haunted house even though they were told not to do so.  Then they get so scared  they run away, one of the kids gets hit by a car and dies.  Then we learn how the child that passed away didn’t go to heaven but how you can.

The Devil’s Night: http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/1053/1053_01.asp?Store=True

This one has a girl who’s teacher hates her because she hates Halloween.  It implies the teacher is an actual witch.  It then goes on to explain that the history of Trick-or-Treating is linked with taking and sacrificing children.

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