Are You a Jerk? Answer These Questions and Find Out.

I’ve noticed that the people who say they don’t like bullies and other rude people are usually guilty of doing mean things, themselves, and not knowing it. Are you such a person? You wouldn’t know, obviously, so take our test and get in touch with your real self:

  • Do you look down on people because they use Apple products? Or because they don’t use Apple products?
  • Are you unlikely to give someone a chance if they seem un-American or un-traditional in some way? Or maybe it’s when they’re just too American for your cultured sensibilities.
  • Do you scoff when someone tells you their problems, even though they don’t have kids and don’t know what a real problem is? Or maybe they only have one child and really shouldn’t consider themselves parents, just yet.
  • Would you rather not talk to someone if they’re wearing designer clothes instead than P.F. Flyers? (Or is it the other way around?)
  • Do you think you’re better than people who listen to pop music because you’ve heard of Béla FLeck and they haven’t? (Confession: I’m guilty of this one.)

What? You never listened to the ‘We the Vehicles’ album by Maritime? Why are we even friends?

  • Do you take pride in proving people wrong? Would you rather win an argument that hold an enlightening conversation?
  • When someone tells you that they enjoy reading Twilight books, would you rather make fun of them than offer your friendship? What if their favorite movie is Battleship?
  • Do you assume that rich people from the nice, big houses are less deserving of your sympathy when they are having a bad day?
  • Are you pretty sure that every [Republican/Democrat] is just plain stupid and that it’s OK to look down on them?
  • Do you look the other way when people make racist jabs about president Obama, even though you normally don’t stand for that sort of thing? Did you laugh when David Letterman joked about someone raping Sarah Palin’s daughter, even if you usually don’t tolerate that humor?

Are you guilty of any of these things? If so, what are you prepared to do about it? 

These attitudes are not harmless. When you decide to look down on people for these reasons they will surely notice – no matter how subtle you think you are. Other people can tell when you’re giving them a cold shoulder, or ignoring them, and it makes them feel unwanted. Don’t contribute to the isolation people feel in our society of hatred. Be the solution.

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