The Reason for the Season

Think about it. The reason for the season is a variety of holidays from many cultures and religions over many weeks. The reason for the season is that these are the darkest and dreariest days of the year for the 90% of the world population living in the Northern Hemisphere and our souls search for ways to make it cheery and bright.  The reason for the season is a common worldwide community bond through respect for each other’s holidays.
Often we’re told how Christmas is co-opted from the pagan holidays.  Often we’re told how commercialism is overriding the “true meaning” of Christmas.  Often we’re told to keep “Christ in Christmas.”
Seriously?What would Jesus do if someone asked him to celebrate Fesitvus?  What would Jesus do if he ‘had to’ buy presents for all of his friends and family?  What would Jesus do if he were sitting on the couch watching television and someone told him He was “the reason for the season”?
I can assume a few things…
Jesus wouldn’t spend more money on his friends and family than he gave to the poor.
Jesus wouldn’t deny spending time with sinners or saints because they call a Christmas tree a Holiday tree.
Jesus wouldn’t focus His attention so much on keeping Himself in Christmas but keeping Himself in Easter.
Jesus would point us to Easter.  And to The Father.  And to the Holy Spirit.  He would focus not on only His birth but His death, burial and resurrection for the redemption of our souls.
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